Redesigning or Merging Your Hospital Website?
Why Not Model It After Your Consumers?

Fluency Health is taking a new approach to merging three health system websites into one. The recently formed Beaumont Health is comprised of Beaumont Health System, Oakwood Healthcare and Botsford Health Care. The new system consists of eight hospitals covering southeast Michigan. Beaumont’s new website’s architecture is being developed to reflect actual consumer’s words, decision process, and conversion choices for each service line. To ensure a more satisfying experience, Fluency scored and leveraged content and metrics from all three brands to best mirror the process consumers used before they became a patient; because actions speak louder than surveys.

Patient Acquisition

Leveraging patient decision paths to better serve your market’s healthcare decision makers.

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Working Together

Working With Client Teams

Many of our clients already have capable in-house marketing teams and vendor partners. Most often we are engaged to identify and leverage new performance opportunities, create strategic plans to accomplish business goals, provide skills that fall outside our client’s capabilities, or boost capacity to bring priority projects in on time.

A Focus On Partnership

Each hospital system has a unique combination of vendor partners, technical platforms and in-house capabilities. Fluency Health works hard to find the complimentary opportunities these partnerships can create.

What if you could do a better job serving your most important audiences?

Why Fluency Health?

More Than 20 Years Consumer Marketing Experience

When your web strategy and execution plans are based on 20 years of best practices with companies like Caesar’s Entertainment, Ford, Samsonite and Dell, they are focused more squarely on business outcomes than marketing activities. They also tend to be inherently much easier for management to support.

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