If one futurist is to be believed, healthcare and medical technology are on the verge of very exciting possibilities. During a recent speech, physician and engineer Peter Diamandis, highlighted some of the many ways technology could usher in incredible advances in medicine over the coming decades.

Diamandis noted that, while still in their infancy, wearable technologies and their increased attention from tech companies (including CES 2015) are about to begin realizing their potential as medical technology. These devices use as biometric sensors could provide an immense amount of data to doctors and improve the care provided.

Advances in 3D printing, robotics and synthetic biology and genomics are also areas Diamandis called out in his speech. While many of these technologies are only beginning to show their potential, Diamandis notes that the we’ll soon see just how helpful they can be and how much worth they can provide the medical industry. Once this happens, Diamandis says, the work to make these advancements in medical technology affordable and widely available will be some of the next steps we’ll have to take to see some very exciting things happen.