Indiana has the nation’s highest rate of students who have contemplated suicide. Community Health Network, a non-profit health system in Central Indiana, wanted to help address this issue, and thus the “Zero Suicides for Indiana Youth Initiative” was born. Thanks to The Glick Fund, from the Central Indiana Community Foundation, CHN tasked Fluency Health with creating, a website educating teenagers, parents and educators on the warning signs and risk factors associated with suicide among youth in Indiana.

After establishing the website’s main objectives, Fluency met and interviewed stakeholders involved in the Zero Suicides initiative to get a deeper understanding of the program’s operations. After the stakeholders meeting, the website project was divided into four phases: Research, Design, Development, and finally Launch.

The Research Phase included keyword research to find the search opportunity around suicide and prevention topics, and a list of 30+ websites focused on preventing teen suicide was compiled. Each site was assessed for how effectively it addressed audience needs, presented information, and productively guided visitors to the right action.

The Design Phase included a visual and brand assessment followed by mockups and the final design of the website. It was determined that the website should have a simple and colorful design and layout, be easy to navigate, have a mix of photos, text and videos, with tailored copy and content for each audience segment (teens, parents and educators).

The Development Phase was broken up into two parts. One part encompassed the development of the content, which was written by Community Health Network’s Behavioral Health department and then edited and SEO-optimized by Fluency Health. The other part was Fluency Health’s development of the website, ensuring that the theme was smoothly responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The Launch Phase was the most exciting part! After three months, the website was complete, analytics tracking was set and the Community in-house team had been trained so they could update the website in the future. went live.

The website has been warmly received by members of the audiences it was designed to serve, and is on track to become an important resource for the East Indianapolis community. The team at Fluency Health greatly enjoyed working on the project with the Behavioral Health team at Community Health Network, and looks forward to supporting their future efforts to benefit the Indiana community.