When consumers in 2015 face an important choice, they will gravitate towards whoever can provide them with the information they need, and offers them services they can trust. Like all hospital marketers, the Web Marketing team at Beaumont Health has had to overcome significant challenges in offering a robust digital marketing program that can meet those expectations. Tim Schaden (CEO of Fluency Health) and Lori Manos (Director of Web Marketing at Beaumont Health System) will share many of the hard-earned lessons we’ve learned over the past three years, with a special focus on the practical insights that should be relevant to any hospital marketer, including:

Getting The Most Out Of Paid Search

The session will explain how we’ve cycled through over a hundred thousand keyword combinations to find the terms that reliably produce conversions in Beaumont’s market.

Driving More Referrals And Appointments

We’ll share some of the practical steps we’ve taken to make it as easy as possible for people to convert…not just by optimizing forms, but by tapping into other channels, such as the call centers, to generate appointments and referrals.

Tapping Into The Power Of Organic Search

We’ll explore how we’ve been able to develop comprehensive content recommendations that — on average — generate 75% more organic traffic within the first six months after they’ve been applied to a given service line.

Making Our Case As A Business Investment

Finally, we’ll delve into how we’ve been able to connect our investment in PPC and organic search with the downstream revenue it generates. We’ll take you through our straightforward but powerful investment framework, and explain how it can be adapted to be used within almost any organization.

After more than 25 years of working with consumer brands, we understand the importance of focusing on the revenue impact of any marketing investment, and it’s exciting to make that case with healthcare providers. We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences, and to learning more from yours. Hope to see you there!