Patient Acquisition

The path to predictable, scalable patient revenue

Understanding Your Audience And Your Market

Audience Insight

To win patients within that active share of the market, we need to understand their decision-making journey.

Market Research

All hospitals are waging a zero-sum game within their local markets. A head start on attracting and converting active shoppers in your market could allow you to outpace the competition for years.

Keyword Research

Keyword research lets us listen to what your market is telling you it needs.

Near-term Patient Acquisition

Targeted and cost-effective.

AMA registration data suggests about 15% of the people in your market are looking for hospital services at any given time. Not surprisingly most of them start with Google.

With hundreds of thousands of health care phrases typed into search engines daily, the key is knowing which searchers turn into patients. It makes sense that predictable, scalable patient acquisition starts with:

  • Identifying which searchers turn into patients – for each specific service
  • Understanding what potential patients need to see before they take the next step
  • Creating a clear and consistent path to getting their needs met
  • Communicating the highest level of service and value to earn a sustained relationship

Fluency Health relies on up-to-date research from a variety of authoritative sources to guide and inform our clients’ digital strategies.

Quick Wins: Seizing Immediate Opportunities

As we conduct the initial strategy, we are also looking to identify and execute the near-term, inexpensive improvements that will allow your existing assets to drive better results.

Conversion Wins

Having a dedicated landing page with an easy to complete form will help boost conversions.

SEO Wins

Eliminating your site with duplicate content, titles and meta descriptions will prevent your own site from competing against itself.

Technical Wins

Fixing broken links and having proper redirects will make it easier for search engines to crawl your website.

Long-Term Patient Acquisition

Powerful and almost-free.

Establish a dominant regional presence. The investments made above don’t just yield new patients. They provide specific insights about how your brand aligns with patients’ needs across your websites, email programs, social media, YouTube channels and more.

Building on these insights can create a near-free patient attraction and conversion platform allowing you to:

  • Replace or increase advertising-based attraction
  • Dramatically improve targeted brand reach and reputation
  • Occupy strategic ground online, ahead of your competitors
  • Earn online traffic and conversions many times greater than paid media
  • Own your future versus renting it


Building Organic Success From Paid Search

There’s no faster way to learn what your market really wants than paid search. Once you’ve established your most effective topics and search terms, though, you are in a position to efficiently attract and convert many more seekers through free, organic search results.

Identify Opportunities

Your PPC campaign shouldn’t just be telling you which terms are working. It should also be identifying the pockets of opportunity where there’s even more opportunity available above and beyond what you can attract through your paid campaign.

Build A Platform

Now you have a clear path for how to structure and build out a comprehensive content platform across all your owned media — your website, social channels, email and even offline media.

Drive Organic Growth

Over time, organic search should not only drive the majority of your incoming site traffic, but play a leading role in acquiring and converting new patients.

Over the long run, paid search remains the fastest and most accurate way to listen to your market, as well as the most efficient way to compete for active seekers. Your primary online source of new patients, however, should be an ever-expanding library of targeted content, that has been tailored to your market’s needs.

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